Tiara – Jewellery Software

Tiara – Jewellery Software

Product Features of Tiara (Jewellery Showroom Software)

Tiara is a premium Software designed by jewellery industry people and developed by a team of Software experts having multiple years of expertise in Software technologies. It caters all the everyday activities carried out in a jewellery showroom. Apart from everyday activities it minimizes the workload and increase the productivity. A person with a very minimum knowledge in the jewellery industry can successfully run a showroom using Tiara.

Display Counter space is a primary focus for a jewellery showroom. Often this place is occupied by more number of desktop computers to make Quotation for sales and scrap gold purchase. To resolve this issue and reduce the Display space effectively, Mobile APP feature is introduced. Not only reducing space, it effectively manages and simplifies many tasks. Chit collection also can be done in mobile app. Collection agent can be loaded with this mobile app in his Android mobile. Instant receipt can also be printed using Bluetooth printer and receipt confirmation is send as SMS to the customer.



Dealer purchase with Rate cutting, Cash payments and Metal Payment option.

Cash to Metal and Metal to cash options available

TCS and TDS options enabled.


Sales contain multiple features including Stone breakup for each item and multiple receipt options enabled to make one sales bill settlement.

Like Cash Receipt, Chit adjustment, Bank Receipt, Credit card/Debit card and Old gold purchase against sales.

Discount options controlled with Security



TAG Generation

Tag generation having unique features like HuID, LOT Based, Stone Breakup, Hallmarking and TAG Copying option.

Weight range based TAG Enquiry


Traywise Stock Management

State of Art Tag stock verification

Section Transfer



Order and Jobwork

Sales order

Job Work Issue/Receipt

Ornaments Repair

Ornament Convertion (Melting)



Categorywise/Itemwise weight range based Wastage/MC setting

Category wise counter for items (For easy stock verification)

Rate Master

Drilldown option in all reports

Dynamic Print Option

Watch window

Location Trace Register

Metal Ledger and Metal Trial Balance

Seasonal Sales Analysis


Apart from these standard features, lot of reports and features available in Tiara.

Mobile APP Features

  • Chit
    • New Customer
    • New Chit Member
    • Receipt
    • SMS Configuration
  • Quotation
    • Sales
    • Scrap
  • Scrap
  • Reports
    • Quotation Register
    • Chit Collection Register
    • Metal wise Breakup register for Quotation
    • A/c closing with denomination option


Tiara Variants

Apart from showroom software there are other variants available for the Jewellery industry.

Bullion Trading

Jewellery Wholesales